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    2x Switchable stereo inputs - Phono or Line

    1x Switchable stereo input - Line or USB

    All stereo inputs have gain, 3-Band EQ (+12/-26dB) and 5-LED VU meter

    Mic input combo connector (XLR or Jack) 2-Band EQ and "On Air" Switch

    Smooth dual-rail 60mm channel faders

    45mm dual-rail crossfader for channels 1 and 3 with steep/flat curve

    Additional booth output

    PFL section with PFL/main mix control and blend/split option

    Powerful headphone output with 6.3mm stereo jack

    Rear panel USB stereo replay/record port (Type B)

    Balanced and unbalanced main output with 10-LED VU meter

    Effects section with auto-BPM counter, utilised as a time basis for 5 Impressive effects: Phaser, Flanger, HPF, LPF, Phatter.  Every effect can be varied using two parameters.  Tap BPM function and BPM display

    Unbalanced record output